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Celmac have a range of liquid laminates for application onto PVC. Application methods include; painting, mopping or squeegeeing - please read below for more information.



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Celmac are the only authorised Australian dealer of triangle products. Below are some liquid laminate products that provide an alternative to the traditional film over laminating process.


   Triangle Liquid Laminate - With added UV protection

  Fleet Clear Flex


  • 5 litre bottles
  • Gloss D316
  • Satin D317
  • Matte D318



triangle fleet clearflex 5lt
FLEET ClearFlex  /  UV Protection for Fleet Graphics


Fleet ClearFlex, Triangle's premier protective clear coat, is an extremely durable, waterborne clear coating. Formulated specifically for fleet and vehicle graphics, this coating minimizes the effects of UV light transmission, oxidation, moisture and temperature, and has an increased resistance to abrasion. Fleet ClearFlex was designed to protect digital prints on vinyl, piezo inkjet prints, electrostatic transfer prints, superwide output, proofs, and signs and banners that use water-resistant inks and substrates. Available in gloss (D316), semigloss (D317), and matte (D318), Fleet ClearFlex can be easily applied by brush, roll, spray, or by automated applicators

UV Protection

Fleet ClearFlex contains both ultraviolet absorbers (UVA's) and hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS) for the maximum in UV light protection. UVA's absorb harmful UV radiation to protect the coating and substrate. HAL's inhibit the breakdown in a coatings binder by means other than absorption. When applied at the recommended thickness, 1 mil DFT, media will be protected from premature fading for up to 3 5 years, blocking out 99% of UV transmission.

Print Durability

Fleet ClearFlex protects digitally produced art, namely fleet graphics, truck side graphics, vehicle wraps, and billboards from abrasion, water, and premature fading while maintaining the flexibility of the media. It also "pops" the colors, giving a wet look to the print. While providing the below features, Fleet ClearFlex also maintains a lower cost per square foot in comparison to hard laminates.

Since applications for this product vary tremendously, the user assumes the obligation to test this product in their specific application to determine the suitability for each application and assumes all risk and liability related to such use. Triangle Digital INX Co. makes no warranty, express or implied, for the use of the product for any particular application. In no event shall Triangle Digital INX Co. be liable for damages in excess of the original cost of the product nor shall Triangle Digital INX Co. be liable for any special or consequential damages.

How to Apply

Triangle Clear Coatings can be applied using various methods dependant on the type of coating and substrate being utilized: automated coaters, brushing, rolling, or spraying are all viable options. To obtain optimal protection, it is recommended to apply the specified required amount of coating to the substrate (specific to product type).

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