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Global Price Rises announced by HP

By February 21, 2022No Comments

Global Price Rises due to supply chain shortages

Like all businesses across Australia, we have in more recent times seen pressure increasing on supply chain/delays and rising cost for raw materials which inevitably flow through to Global Price Rises for finished products, to that effect we have been advised of the following Price increases.

  1. HP Printers

With effect from the 1st January 2022 the following printers were subject to a 6.0% approx. price increase:

  • Latex Printer 700 & 700W
  • Latex Printer 800 & 800W

Please note; some stock still available at the old price, please call for information.

  1. HP Inks

HP have advised new pricing with effect from the 1st February 2022 for the following ink products, an increase of 7%:

  • #831B 775ml cartridges
  • #871B 3-litre cartridges
  • #831 Printheads & Maintenance Cartridge
  • #871 Printhead Cleaning kit
  • #821 400ml cartridge

Old price stock available until the 28th February so get in quickly to beat the price change.

Our Aristo Cutters range has also felt the pressure from the Global supply chain squeeze. Aristo have notified of a 5% increase with effect from the 1st February 2022, and longer supply & delivery times. To ensure you have your stock talk to a Celmac SalesPerson today.